Generate Unique images from any text

Robohash is a easy web service that makes it easy to provide unique, robot/alien/monster/whatever images for any text.
Put in any text, such as IP address, email, filename, userid, or whatever else you like, and get back a pretty image for your site.

With hundreds of millions of variations, Robohash is the among the leading robot-based hashing tools on the web.


How cool is this?

That guy to your left there? He was specially generated from your IP address Just for you.

Try on your phone, and I bet you get someone different!

Keep scrolling down to see some more freshly-assembled RoboHashes.

Enter any text, and press 'generate':

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Man shouldn't know where their robots come from.
Dr. N. Soong, FutureBeat
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A huge success!
Cave Johnson, Lightroom Labs
Here are five Robots, Randomly generated, Just for you!

By appending ?set=set2 to our Image's URLs, we are able to generate a whole slew of Random monsters. Here are 5 we picked out for you.

By appending ?set=set3 to our URLs, we get back to robots. New, suave, disembodied heads. That's sexy. Like a robot.

By appending ?set=set4 to our URLs, we can hydroponically grow beautiful kittens.

Robohashes are awesome.
Super Easy to use
Super Easy

Anytime you need a Robohash, just embed
<img src="">

Supported Formats
Styles of Robot

Want a JPG instead? Fine. PNG? Fine. Want it as a bitmap? I think you're nutty. But fine. Just change the URL to request in any format you want. If you want it to hash the whole thing, including the extension use ?ignoreext=false to hash the extensions.

Very infrequent murderous rampages.
Very Infrequent Rampages

Due to Robot caching modules and CDN usage, our robots stay speedy, and only rarely go on murderous rampages. That's a Fact!

3 classes to choose from
Built in multiple sizes

From destroying skyscrapers to nonobots, we've got you covered. Try appending ?size=200x200

Robots on Vacation
Robots at your Location

Our robots like to travel. If you append ?bgset=bg1 (or bg2 or any) to your URL, our robots will add a background as part of the hash.

Robotic Values
Robotic Value robots believe in Family, Warmth, and killing-all-humans. To that end, we provide this service for free.

Everyone needs Robots! is here because Robots are funny, and because I needed the algorithm/art anyway for a Super-Awesome new forum I'm working on. If you use a specific set, or a list of them, like "?sets=1,3" , it'll probably stay the same as it is now. If you use "set=any", it'll include any new sets I happen to add, so existing hashes may change.

You should email me - [email protected]

If the bandwidth gets crazy, I might add a [] banner to the bottom of the image. But it'd be super-tasteful.

Advanced classes in Robotry.

For those inclined, there are several advanced techniques which have been added over time.

For Gravatar enthusiasts, you can ask Robohash to use a Gravatar if one is available.
Put either the email, or the hashed version, in your image where the string normally goes -

For example:[email protected]?gravatar=yes

We've also conditioned our robots to accept commands either via params or directories-
For instance

Finally, the Blueprints are available to build your own robotic factory.

By the way - For those afraid of the robocalypse, you can also generate humans technicians to mind the robot army, by appending ?set=set5 to our URLs.